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Hello merry people,

Yes, I know you have noticed I now use merry for everything. It’s December, what can I say. I have had the busiest days this week and it looks like my Saturday will be busier, Lawd, help me!. Is this APC rally giving anyone else a headache? Hopefully the amazing events coming up this week will help alleviate it.


Clan Diaries started its first ever secret sale (you get a first time user NGN 3000 Uber cab discount), the poster says you need an invitation so yeah…I’m probably not doing that, I don’t have time to be embarrassed over nothing. If you really want to attend their ‘secret sale’,I’ll suggest you contact them via email – it’s on the poster below.

On Saturday, we have:

The first ever Nigerian Bloggers Yard sale,which I am absolutely looking forward to as I would love to see how a yard sale in Nigeria turns out and also get to buy amazing pieces from fashionable bloggers closets for NGN 2000 and below. Yes, NGN 2000 and below, I did not forget to add a zero. There will be no multiple sizes or colours as there will mostly be just one of each piece. On the upside jewelry and accessories are mostly ‘one size fits all’ and fashion bloggers have the best of both. I hear it starts at 11:30am, no Naija/African time as Early birds get the freshest pieces. I would exhibit If this Saturdays ‘To-do’ list wasn’t so long. It’s sad though, as I have tons of amazing stuff in my wardrobe I do not use anymore or never get around to using because they are too small or big.

You let Black Friday whizz by and haven’t done your Christmas shopping? No problemo, make up for it this Saturday.

For more information on the first ever Nigerian Bloggers Yard Sale, kindly contact: Nigerianfbloggersyardsale@gmail.com. Instagram: @NigerianFBloggersYardSale.Twitter: @NFBYardSale

download clan diaries uber


Laid-back Retro & Vintage

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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8Photo Credit: Halima Abubakar (www.lenigma.com, @itsleniga)

SHIRT & BAG: passed down from my mom/ LEGGINS: Stradivarius/ SANDALS: Zara/ SHADES: H&M/ WATCH: Folli Follie/ EARRINGS: Forever21/ Ring: Topshop  from Nigerian Retailer (Ifie)


A few weeks ago, I took part in a photography course/ summer school and it turned out to be pretty awesome- great environment, awesome company, value for money, finger food and lecturers from the Neue Schule für Fotografie, Berlin, what more could a girl ask for ? I learnt a lot of stuff and met great people with similar interests.

I titled this post ‘Retro and Vintage’ because I am fusing my Retro top and Vintage bag with my new pieces, the sandals are new while the shirt and bag were hijacked from my moms wardrobe. That bag is about 20 years old. If this shirt saw me in another life it would probably sprint away from me, I wear it everywhere, I dress it up, down and sideways. It’s one of my favorite pieces.

Comfort dressing was my goal seeing as classes started at 10:00 am and ended at 4:00 pm. Sadly, I was only able to do one mini shoot. I was juggling this course and Fashion Week so there was no time to tap into my pool of gifted photographers.

Halima (@itslenigma) is the Photographer behind this shoot. I have observed that Halima’s pictures are usually very subject oriented, you can literally feel a relationship between her and her subject. I was so glad she agreed to photograph me.

I hope you like my laid back look.
For those of you that asked about my hair: I did tiny twists and left a section in the front to change up my style daily.

Thank you to all the people that breeze through my blog, all my blog followers and all my ‘comment-ers’. You all put a smile on my face.


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Hello Beautiful People,

So, this is the first look of the birthday marathon, the second look  ‘SEEING RED’ was published earlier. This look was done right before I did my weave.

For my hair, I did a blow out  and packed it into a pony tail/ afrotail. It was a slow day at the office and I realized I had brought my camera, so I put on the smile and took a few photos. The lighting was pretty poor but hopefully you guys can see my face. I love my Bobbi Brown ‘soft rose’ lipstick, It’s just right…not quite nude and not quite pink.

White dresses are refreshing, elegant and summery but there are a few things to keep in mind when wearing white:

– Choose a shade of white that suits your skin tone. Nigerians are really lucky seeing as Ebony skin tones are more versatile and work with most white shades and go with both silver and gold accessories.

-Thicker white fabrics tend to look more expensive and professional. Thicker/opaque  fabrics reduce the ‘see-through curse‘. Before buying a white dress, place your hand under the fabric and hold it against light. If you can see your hand clearly, the dress will show EVERYTHING.

-Never wear white underwear under white. Wear black or a nude that’s really close to your skin tone. Avoid lace and printed underwear too.

-Apply makeup AFTER   and perfume BEFORE putting on white to avoid staining.

– When wearing white, stick to pieces that have a cinched in waist or pieces that are paneled, as white reflects light and tends to make people/things appear bigger.

– Accessories should be kept simple as white is elegant, do not overwhelm the white canvas. Choose wooden, straw, beaded or feminine accessories. Click here to see the beaded clutch in my previous post.

Remember that a white dress is always in style. You will need to replace white seasonally as it tends to yellow.

Neckpiece and earrings: Sybils Jewelry House (SJH)/ Shoes: L.K. Bennet/ Watch: Folli Follie/ Ring: Max store at The Palms Mall,Lekki.

I would love to hear from you. What are your tips for wearing white ?

Click below for a few white accessories that can be delivered to Nigeria.

Asos/NewLook Mollie Box Clutch

Asos Boxy Lock bag

NewLook paper bag clutch

Asos Scallop edge envelope clutch

Newlook Mama Mia clutch

Posh International Nigerians

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Hello Beautiful People,

This is going to be my first post on Posh International Nigerians -PINs. PINs are basically Nigerians that are making a difference, being creative and doing positive things. Don’t you get tired of all the negative connections people make with Nigeria, not just in life but also in series and movies – Lost, Castle, X-men, Leverage…do I go on?

I came across an article by Sunday Akinlolu in Tuesdays Guardian, ‘Esther, the Nigerian dress, makes history at the Smithsonian’. At the risk of sounding rather ‘un-posh’, I didn’t know what the Smithsonian wasI have done my research now and apparently, The Smithsonian is the world’s largest museum and research complex, located in Washington, DC , United States . Don’t say I never taught you anything.

The Esther dress has found a new home at the world’s largest museum.

The Creator and The Dress

The  piece of art dress is called Esther, It is an absolutely beautiful, hand painted silk ball gown brought into existence by Ms. Torlowei of Patience Please – Nigeria’s first registered lingerie manufacturer.

esther dress 1 esther dress 2


What do you think about the dress- worthy of the Smithsonian Museum or not?

If you have Posh International Nigerians (PIN’s) you would like me to feature, please contact me below/or drop a comment above.

Have a great week.

Photo credit:



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Hello Beautiful People,

This week, ‘Loosing you‘ by Solange has been playing in my ears, it’s not a new video but I came across it early in the year on DSTV Soundcheck. I absolutely love the video – she’s so fun, fresh, colorful and vibrant. I also love the concept. I’m guessing  natural hair lovers will love this too. This video makes me want to get Ankara trouser suits and get down on the streets of gidi.Who knows where I can get ankara pant suits?

Feed your eyes and have a great week ahead.
Affirmation for the week: Great and positive things come easy to me.



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Hello Beautiful People,

I finally got around to taking pictures, YAY!!! after loosing my pictures when my laptop crashed. I did a mini shoot for everyday of my birthday marathon. Thank God for tripod stands and younger brothers. My Birthday was on Friday, so I did a marathon from Wednesday- Sunday. This was my Thursday look, wore this for Brunch, Dinner and a bit of site seeing. I have fallen in-love with my Maju handbag and my gold River Island court heels, I wore those two pieces almost throughout the week.

I ordered the dress and shoes from the official River Island website, click here to find out more on River Island deliveries to Nigeria.

Which hair do you prefer- the high bun/ponytail or the weave?

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Dress, Shades & Shoes: River Island/Bag:Maju/ Earrings: H&M/Necklace: Sybils Jewelry House (SJH)/ Watch: Folli Follie.

Gems of the week

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Hello Posh International Nigerians,

I had a hell-ish week, last week. Monday morning started with the craziest taxi driver, followed by a long day of data collection and being screamed at by a nurse. Thankfully, there was no traffic on my way home.

On tuesday, I realised by crashing my hard drive, I had lost all my pictures. Remind me to always back up pictures. Squabble with the brother on Wednesday, Ordered a dress off a vendor on Instagram, this vendor turned out to be extremely rude, unreliable and the spawn of the devil…she sent me a different colour of the dress I ordered, at first she would not accept a return, then she insisted I pay her more than half the cost of the dress for ‘shipping costs’ and delivery…do I continue? I found these gems and they managed to cheer me up.  I couldn’t get a front picture of the shoes but the pictures are available on the website/link. Please let me know what you think about the pieces. Have a great long weekend.

maju iro and buba maju peplum1 maju peplum 2 tnl blazer origami dress tnl floral dress tnl lady danger jumpsuit





Maju cowl neck iro&buba NGN8500

Maju sleeveless peplum top with mesh back NGN3000

TNL blazer origami dress NGN 9650 (black is cheaper)

TNL floral print shift dress NGN 8300

TNL lady danger jumpsuit NGN9950

Shoe Republic LA- Alaska NGN9000


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