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Hello merry people,

Yes, I know you have noticed I now use merry for everything. It’s December, what can I say. I have had the busiest days this week and it looks like my Saturday will be busier, Lawd, help me!. Is this APC rally giving anyone else a headache? Hopefully the amazing events coming up this week will help alleviate it.


Clan Diaries started its first ever secret sale (you get a first time user NGN 3000 Uber cab discount), the poster says you need an invitation so yeah…I’m probably not doing that, I don’t have time to be embarrassed over nothing. If you really want to attend their ‘secret sale’,I’ll suggest you contact them via email – it’s on the poster below.

On Saturday, we have:

The first ever Nigerian Bloggers Yard sale,which I am absolutely looking forward to as I would love to see how a yard sale in Nigeria turns out and also get to buy amazing pieces from fashionable bloggers closets for NGN 2000 and below. Yes, NGN 2000 and below, I did not forget to add a zero. There will be no multiple sizes or colours as there will mostly be just one of each piece. On the upside jewelry and accessories are mostly ‘one size fits all’ and fashion bloggers have the best of both. I hear it starts at 11:30am, no Naija/African time as Early birds get the freshest pieces. I would exhibit If this Saturdays ‘To-do’ list wasn’t so long. It’s sad though, as I have tons of amazing stuff in my wardrobe I do not use anymore or never get around to using because they are too small or big.

You let Black Friday whizz by and haven’t done your Christmas shopping? No problemo, make up for it this Saturday.

For more information on the first ever Nigerian Bloggers Yard Sale, kindly contact: Nigerianfbloggersyardsale@gmail.com. Instagram: @NigerianFBloggersYardSale.Twitter: @NFBYardSale

download clan diaries uber


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