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July 9, 2014 § 2 Comments

Hello Posh Nigerians,

If you know me, you will know that I have always had a queer, no scrap that, I have always had a unique music taste. I remember coming back for summer in 2009 and being the only one amongst my Nigerian cousins and friends that LOVED house music. Fast forward to 2014….all Nigeria clubs play it, most Nigerians claim to like it. I thought I would be please about these facts, but it is super annoying that when house music comes on people just take a chill pill, why tho? what’s the point of everyone pretending they love it when they really don’t?….is it just a fad/trend? Please let’s go back to the good ol’ days – when we knew the genuine ‘house’ lovers.The one’s that would hear Fish Go Deep’s ‘Cure and The Cause’ or Dennis Ferrer’s ‘Hey, Hey’ and jump up and seriously move to the music.

I digress, I came across this song ( To Binge by Gorillaz Feat. Little Dragon) last weekend, when I was watching ‘The Family’. ‘The Family’ is an awesome movie,I highly recommend it, here’s why:

Mafia movie: Check

Amazing actors- Robert De Niro: check, Michelle Pfeiffer : check, Tommy Lee Jones: check

Never thought Tommy Lee and Robert De Niro would work together.

Great Story line: Check

Entertaining: double check

Do I go on?

I’ve put up a trailer for ‘The Family’ and a ‘To Binge’ video. I warned you that I had a unique taste in music. Enjoy:





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