Affordable beauty products in Lagos- Part 1

May 30, 2014 § Leave a comment

Hello Beautiful People,

In my search for a new foundation on Wednesday, I stumbled upon a beauty store. To be precise, it’s a clothing store with a beauty section.
They have the entire range of Revlon products- Mascara, foundation, Lipsticks, Lip-gloss, Loose powder, Nail polish etc. I didn’t have my camera so I had to make due with my phone camera.

I am a big fan of Revlon products- I have used a lot of mascaras in my time and one of my favorites is Revlon’s GROW LUSCIOUS. Their COLOUR STAY pressed powder is pretty good and affordable. It’s always nice to find an affordable product that works.

This store also has products by CHARLIE, ALMAY, LANCOME and CLINIQUE. I was quite impressed with the customer service; the employees at the store are super sweet and helpful.  It’s always a traumatic experience going to a store that has great products but really horrible staff. It’s refreshing to find a place in Lagos…no scratch that….in NIGERIA that has good customer service.

Their products are affordable, as the title of my post says. Below is an estimation:

Charlie nail polish at N1000
Revlon: Lipsticks from N1700, Mascara from N2500, Foundation from N4700, nail polish from N1900
Almay: highlighter at N2700, mascara from N2700, under eye concealer N3500, Foundation for N4300, eye shadow pallets for N3900.

It seems that the store did its research; the perfume stands had coffee beans. Perfume lovers/buyers tip 101: When in search of a new fragrance, take coffee beans along.  You know how when you’ve tried on 3 different fragrances, it gets really confusing and all the perfumes start to smell the same? Sniff some coffee…it immediately resets your nasal passage.

There’s also mascara available for sensitive eyes (I got one of these and will do a review when I have used it for a while) and they have foundations that help clear up spots/blemishes:
Almays Clear Complexion foundation and Clinique Even better foundation.
For more information on the store, please contact me on instagram: @ThePin_ or through the contact form below.
If you know affordable stores in Lagos, please do share by dropping a comment below.

Stay posted for more of my ‘affordable in Lagos’ posts.

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