River Island deliveries to Nigeria: My Experience

May 11, 2014 § 2 Comments

Hello beautiful people,

So at the beginning of the year I ordered some stuff from RiverIsland.com to Nigeria and I must say, it was a frustrating experience. I eventually got my order but to do so, I tried so many debit cards that were rejected (my GT Bank Debit Naira MasterCard was the only one able to work), I contacted the River Island Customer Service and got very patronizing e-mails (…like I was some African in a nearby bush that had just stumbled upon a MasterCard and WiFi that some Missionary had left behind), I got charged 20 pounds for delivery and another 9,000 Naira by Aramex when my order got to Nigeria for ‘Administrative charges’. My friend who orders online, a lot, told me- it’s best to order below $500, apparently, if you order above that at one go, you get a customs charge.

Now for the positives, I got my stuff delivered to my house in 5 days and most of the clothes fit.

Will I be ordering from them in the future?….maybe. On some weekends, they offer free delivery and their stuff is pretty good, they also have unbeatable prices for the quality they offer when they are on sale, but I never know how much Aramex will charge for ‘Administrative Charges’. I think if I need RI stuff, I’ll just order it off Asos.com. My asos online order experience is for another day.

Have a great week.

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