What’s on my plate- Oven baked fish with mash

April 11, 2014 § Leave a comment

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Hello gorgeous people,

last weekend I felt inspired to cook, I went to SHOPRITE Surulere and ended up shopping for 3 hours. I got an electronic facial brush that was super cheap, I’m hoping it’s as good as the clarisonic aria so I can get the same benefits for a fraction of the price. I’ll do a review in the future. I also got these amazing  buns (Chelsea Buns for N400) that reminded me of cinnabon( maybe it’s the Nigerian version) and found Lyle’s Golden Syrup ,as a kid, I used to lick loads till my tummy hurt. It brought back memories.

I ended up making oven baked fish with mash, baked beans and veggie sauce, I would have preferred to use a wider fish than mackerel and cheddar cheese for the mash instead of mozzarella, but I had to make due with what I had.


1 whole fish

1 lemon/lime

2 hand-fulls of Irish potatoes

1 small can Heinz baked beans

2 red onion

2 big tomatoes

chopped: carrots and green beans


oil- olive or sunflower


tiny portion of cheese, preferably cheddar

seasoning cubes


spices: ground black pepper (uziza), pepper

foil (optional)


Scale and gut the fish, make diagonal cuts along the length of the fish to aid with seasoning absorption.

cut the lemon/lime in half, remove seeds and squeeze juice over fish, sprinkle  spices over fish and sprinkle with a little oil (less is more)

wrap fish in foil and place in an oven on high heat, if foil is not available put on a baking tray but turn on opposite side after 7 minutes /till fish is cooked.  Press on the fish with a fork (Make sure your hands are clean and be careful, as the fish may be hot). If the fish flakes apart easily, it’s cooked.  If the fish still seems quite firm, as if it is pushing back at you rather than falling apart, then it needs to cook a little longer.


peel potatoes and put in a pot to boil, add 1/2 tbsp salt, when potatoes are cooked and soft.  mash them in a bowl. Warm up butter either in microwave or in a pan on the stove. Drain water from potatoes. Put hot potatoes into a bowl. Add cream / melted butter. Use potato masher or fork to mash potatoes until well mashed. Use a strong spoon to beat further, adding milk or the water used to boil the potatoes to achieve the consistency you desire. (Do not over-beat or your potatoes will get gluey.) Salt and pepper to taste. put a bit of cheddar cheese at the top of the mash and sprinkle pepper on it.


put a tablespoon of olive/sunflower oil in a pan and heat, pour chopped onions in and heat. Pour baked beans in. As soon as it starts to bubble remove from heat. If it stays for longer it looses it’s flavor.


put oil in a pan and heat, add onions till slightly brown, add chopped tomatoes and simmer. Add seasoning cube, spices, carrots, green beans and peas cook for 20 mins.

Here’s to good cooking.

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