Who is the Posh International Nigerian?

November 7, 2010 § 2 Comments

My  first post

I’m so excited about this….Ive wanted to have a blog for a while now but….something always came up.

I actually had a blog  for some Nigerian company. I posted like 2 post…..doesn’t count though because it wasnt really MY blog.

So…the big question…

Who am I?….honestly, I really don’t know…wow! first time I say that out loud…nah, scrap that…..first time I write that since this isn’t speaking.

But i’ll tell you SOME of what I know:

I’m  5ft 7”, I have brown hair….it used to be black until I went into my “experimenting with hair dye” phase. I’m so, so into fashion, entertainment  and the arts….. I remember sitting on the refrigerator in the kitchen of my childhood house, for those of you who are wondering, Jos is a place in Plateau State, Nigeria. It is so named…because it’s an actual plateau…..I write this at the risk of sounding like a complete geek….but, I don’t care…its my blog and  I am a geek….a cool one tho….lol…talk about oxymoronic. I go to all those violin,piano,cello ,etc.  concerts

I digress, anyway…back to the topic of the moment…..so i’m sitting in the kitchen and Chuji, a family friend, asks me… “what do you want to be when you grow up?” and I reply, “an artist?”…..what kind of artist…I get kinda confused, I think he sees the confusion on my face…so he goes…. “a musician or a painter?” and I go… “oh, like a painter”….I’ve always liked to draw….I dont draw a lot these days though…

I fell in love with fashion…which was kinda weird because I have 3 brothers which  made me a tom-boy as a kid.

People laugh when I say that now…they go  “YOU, a tom-boy?” But yeah!….I remember kicking ass…lol

Ok…to cut the long story short…I started sketching designs and I wanted to have my own clothing line. I’ve always wanted a lot of things in life…play professional basketball, have my clothing line, play the violin, sing, learn ballet, have a magazine/ be an editor-in-chief, go into PR, organise events,architecture , interior designing….and so on.

Wonder why I went to science class?…and by science class i mean PURE sciences….physics,biology,chemistry….I think it was because there was the “all the brilliant kids go to science class” stereotype….plus I didn’t know better…literally everyone in my family went/is going to science class.

Anyways…I switched to Arts/Business  class in Uni…..best decision of my life….since  doing Fashion design as a course/program in Uni was not an option. I can say it was fate because at the time of my application, that was the only option…..was supposed to switch back in 2nd year…never did!

The name of the blog

It took me so long to come up with that name, I wanted something  catchy and with my name/part of my name in it  but….I’m not that creative, my creativity is limited to fabric and furniture and sometimes pencil and a sketch pad….lol….

Finally I was like….you have to pick a name and post stuff…oya! get started so I asked my brother if  “The Posh International Nigerian (PIN)” sounded cool especially since everyone is BB crazy at the moment (if you don’t have a blackberry, you are not one of the cool kids…lol) and he was like “yeah!”

So here I am…my first post, from me to you…..

Will tell you about my weekend shortly…..it has been amazing and saddening.

Can’t wait for your comments! Don’t Hate,Appreciate!!!!

The Posh International Nigerian (P.I.N),



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